NSW Stamp Duty

You are liable to NSW stamp duty if you are involved in a sale or transfer of land (including improvements) or a business in NSW.

A liability for stamp duty arises when the sale or transfer occurs and it is immaterial whether or not the transaction is effected by a written instrument or by other means, including electronic means. However, if the sale or transfer is effected by a written instrument, liability for stamp duty arises when the instrument is first executed.

Stamp Duty in New South Wales is payable within 3 months of the date liability arises. The purchaser or transferee is liable to pay the duty.


Stamp Duty charged in New South Wales

The NSW Government charges stamp duty on the following transactions:

1. an agreement for the sale or transfer of dutiable property

2. a declaration of trust over dutiable property

3. a surrender of an interest in land in New South Wales

4. a foreclosure of a mortgage over dutiable property

5. a vesting of dutiable property

6. the enlargement of a term in land into a fee simple under section 134 of the Conveyancing Act 1919

7. a vesting of land in New South Wales by statute law, whether inside or outside Australia

8. a lease in respect of which a premium is paid or agreed to be paid.

For more information check Duties Act 1997.



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